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  1. Online Mktg Consulting

    Online Marketing Consulting

    OmConsultingMost companies think having a website on the internet with their information and having a company do SEO for them is more than enough. This is just akin to having a yellow page ad in old fashion telephone directory with an index.

  2. Growth & Profits

    Growth & Profits

    profit growthDo you feel that your product is unique and can only be bought if a person sees it or feels it? Then you are limiting yourself to the number of pre-existing customers and are locked into the old sales method.

  3. Cost Reduction

    Cost Reduction

    cost-reductionWhen a business invests in quality E-Commerce Website and a sound Online Marketing Strategy in areas of Social Media, Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, Online Marketing Consulting and Analytics; they are overwhelmed at the cost of the entire setup.

  4. Analytics

    Analytics & Competitor Analysis

    competitor-analysisWhy do we need to Analyze every month and why do we need to look at the competition? You wouldn’t run a business without financial statements would you? Every month your company is spending a certain amount of money on marketing.


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Building Wealth for Our Clients with Online Marketing is our Business!

We can have your E-Commerce Website ready on your domain name in as little as 48 hours!

We will first have a telephone conversation with you to determine which size of E-Commerce Website is a good fit for your goals and budget.

The second step will be to provide you with the demo of your new E-Commerce Website and go over the presentation of Online Marketing Strategy that we will develop for you.  All this will be done at a time that is convenient to you via gotomeeting (online conference).  We harness the power of technology to make it easy for you to achieve your online objective.  So, whether you are in USA, Canada, Caribbean, Mexico or India we can get your business started on the Internet.

At OMguru, our experts will manage all aspects of your Internet Marketing for both a B2B and B2C as we are a full service Internet Marketing Company. Our services will be included in your monthly marketing package for:

  • Writing Blogs
  • Writing your Newsletter and Content for your website
  • Writing your Emails & Designing it.
  • Automating and programming your Email Marketing.
  • Researching and Optimizing your Keywords with SEO.
  • Advertising on Local Search Engines and creating your advertisement.
  • Designing your banner ads and implementing them.
  • Optimizing your videos on Social Media Channels.
  • Managing your Social Media Marketing Campaigns on various mediums such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc..
  • Analyzing your website data and providing you with Analytical report.
  • Consulting you every month for the upcoming peak or slow season to generate additional revenues.

 Schedule an appointment with us or call us at: +1-949-305-4444.

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